Takamichi Beauty Room is the retail entity for Takamichi Hair. The vision for Takamichi Beauty Room looks to the centuries-old legacy of cabinets of curiosities to create a modern retail concept inspired by the past and for the present. 

"Not only does Marie and Takamichi source the most exquisite, chic objects from all over the World, they do it mindfully and with an earth conscious approach. You won't find common, mass-produced items; instead you will find a shop filled with unique treasures from all over the globe.” - Mary

Their selection criterion is based on the Littré Dictionary's definition of the French word objet: "anything which is the cause or subject of a passion. Figuratively and most typically: the love object." It is an oversimplification of their process, to be sure, but one that captures its essence. 

Takamichi Beauty Room believes in the integrity of objects. How they can stimulate our senses, our memories, delight us, and, yes, kindle a tiny passion within us. They pride themselves on assembling a unique collection of personal care products, perfumes, candles, and ceramics.