Mary is the formulator and founder of Mary Allan Skincare, a highly curated collection of premium skin care products. An expert on skin health, Mary's career spans over two decades working for some of the most iconic brands in the beauty industry. In 2018 Mary launched her namesake collection and has quickly gained a reputation amongst discerning Women who share the same approach and philosophy towards holistic, clean beauty products as Mary.

“I have spent over two decades traveling the world in search of the very best ingredients to help restore skin radiance and vitality. My greatest desire is to help you restore and maintain your most radiant complexion with next-generation proven anti-aging actives and ancient beauty rituals from the World’s longevity regions. It is my wish for all of us to feel truly beautiful as we are and that each day can be filled with a sense of wellbeing”

"Mary's namesake skincare collection marries the very best of science and nature. Her core belief which I completely stand by as well is this: “I don’t feel the end user should have to pick one over the other” - Katie Chang


Mary has always been an advocate for natural and clean beauty ingredients and first became aware of a more holistic lifestyle while living on Vancouver Island during her college years.  

Having access to the purest most advanced ingredients Mary considers the skin in its entirety, with the objective to preserve and enhance the skin’s own natural microbiome and youthfulness. Mary remains close to the world of botanicals traveling to the regions where she hand selects the precious botanicals specific to each product.

''I believe holistic beauty is "conscious beauty" and includes all aspects of production from ingredient sourcing to the wellbeing of people, animals and our planet.''



Mary's experience in the skin care industry spans over two decades primarily working for Women run companies. Mary got her start managing one of Anita Roddick’s family run Body Shops where she learned first hand from Anitia about ethical ingredient sourcing and fair trade ingredients, which at the time was unheard of in the skin care industry. From there Mary spent five years overseeing product development for a Canadian wellness brand before she went onto work for Jurlique, one of the early pioneers of the natural and organic skin care movement. Mary was surrounded by many mentors at Jurlique and spent five years learning about organic and biodynamic farming principles. From Jurlique Mary oversaw global education for the International Dermal Institute before leaving to strike out on her own. Prior to founding her own company, Mary held a series of senior executive positions with some of the world’s leading skincare companies including Vice President of Global Education for The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, Vice President of Jurlique USA Retail Group.