Elixir C Serum Verses Vitamin C Cold Pressed Oil

Vitamin C is vital; it is an antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals (thus, premature signs of aging) while supporting collagen-production and alleviating hyperpigmentation for a brighter complexion. L-Ascorbic Acid is the most common form of vitamin C found in skincare, but it is highly unstable and can cause sensitivity and irritation. Mary Allan offers two alternatives to L-Ascorbic Acid so every skin type can have the vitamin C it deserves.

ELIXIR C SERUM A multi-use “beauty concentrate” in a hydrating base of rosewater that contains vitamin C

A multi-use “beauty concentrate” in a hydrating base of rosewater that contains vitamin C and different seaweeds to firm the skin. The vitamin C here comes in the form of Ascorbic Acid polypeptides, which are encapsulated and only released upon contact with the skin – another stable and effective alternative to L-Ascorbic acid. The Elixir C serum combines the Ascorbic Acid polypeptides with other powerful antioxidants: Ferulic acid, CoQ10, and vitamin E, to name a few. All the benefits in one, without compromise.  

*Note: Purslane Ferment is added as a booster; it has been shown to help increase the potency of vitamin C. 

Who? For someone who needs overall firming and brightening and is looking for an all-in-one serum. For all skin types, including the driest and sensitive. 

When? Day or night. Underneath face oils.

Why we love it – Marie (57) has rosacea and most vitamin C products irritate and dry out her skin. This is the only one that doesn’t. Naoko (28) prefers the serum consistency. She already uses the Mary Allan Nude Luminosity oil and that is enough oil for her. She is also addicted to the « lemon sorbet » scent. Marie and Takamichi are too.*

*Gigi would like to note that the oil also smells very good!

COLD PRESSED VITAMIN C - A highly concentrated vitamin C booster in a liquid gold treatment oil.

Made with the next-generation vitamin C: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THD). This new gold-standard vitamin C ester is oil soluble, which makes it more effective at penetrating the skin and boosting collagen production than the water-soluble L-Ascorbic acid. It also has a higher PH range than L-Ascorbic acid-based serums, making it more stable; it will not irritate the skin or oxidize (stop working) when it meets the sun. In summary, THD works faster, better, longer, inside, outside, anytime.

*Note: This THD-based oil is more potent then L-Absorbic Acid so 10% of THD is equal to approx. 18% L-Ascorbic Acid. 

Who? For those who want an uncomplicated pure hit of the gold-standard of vitamin C for treating sun-damage and signs of aging. It is also helpful for clearing up acne and lightening sunspots. For all skin types, except the most sensitive. 

When?  Day or night. Overtop water-based serums and face moisturizers. 

Why we love it – Gigi (23) loves the oil because it makes her feel grown-up. She’s also thrilled to see that the dark spots left over from teenage acne have faded. 

Takamichi (49) uses both – oil in the morning and Elixir C on sunspots in the evening, he doesn’t want to choose and he doesn’t have to choose.