The Benefits Of Niacinamide

One of two major forms of vitamin B3, Niacinamide has been trending big time in the world of skincare – and for good reason.

“It’s truly a superstar,” explains skincare formulator and owner of her namesake line Mary Allan. “Clinical studies have shown topical Niacinamide to be effective in improving skin texture, the appearance of hyperpigmented spots, and reducing redness while helping boost lipid barrier function and skin hydration by preventing transdermal water loss.”

Though Niacinamide is naturally found in many foods we eat (think meat, fish, and milk), the version used in skincare is “made synthetically and is considered vegan,” says Allan. Another perk to Niacinamide is that it’s suitable for all skin types, even super-sensitive. While a product containing 5% Niacinamide is the ideal strength according to Allan – anything higher can risk potential irritation – she recommends beginning with 2% and gradually working your way up if your complexion airs on the finicky side. And because Niacinamide (like every other ingredient), is capable of triggering an allergic reaction, Allan advises doing a patch test first before regular use. 

Unlike retinol, another star ingredient, Niacinamide can easily be used every day. “It builds up the lipid barrier without causing inflammation and redness, says Allan. “Niacinamide can also be used alongside other actives such as vitamin C and glycolic acid, as long as it is used at a lower percentage and with a patch test.” 

But since Niacinamide is water-based, it should always be applied before oils and heavier moisturizers on clean skin. And always let the product absorb for a few seconds before applying the rest of your regimen. So if you’re ready to let your skin soak in all of Niacinamide’s benefits, we recommend using Mary Allan’s Essence Of Ceramides, Moisture Molecules, and Vitamin C Replenishing Cream.