Talking About Spring Skin Care

Now that winter has officially turned to spring, you've probably ditched your wool and cashmere for cotton and linen. When it comes to your skincare regimen, however, you may not have considered setting your rich oils and creams aside. But with warm, sun-drenched days, beach outings, and outdoor hangs ahead of us, you should opt for lighter skincare as well. Ahead, skincare formulator Mary Allan or Mary Allan Skincare discusses how to achieve your best skin ever this spring.

Skin is our body's largest organ, and susceptible to changes based on our environment. How does our skin change, as we transition from winter to spring?

Allan: While our actual “skin type” doesn't change with seasonal shifts, our skin does become unbalanced based on environmental changes such as artificial indoor heating – which can leave our skin dry and dehydrated. As we transition away from winter and artificial heating environments, our skin has the greatest opportunity to naturally rebalance itself. 

 So how should our skincare regimen adjust as the weather warms up?

 Allan: With the warmer weather on its way, the skin does not need so many layers of protection. Switching out heavy balms and night creams to something lighter is key. I also like to incorporate more water-based products as the weather warms up, and allow the skin to rebalance its natural lipid layer. 

 I feel like most people reserve scrubs for summer use. Why is it important to exfoliate year-round, especially now?

Allan: Exfoliation is key to glowing skin, and is especially beneficial when skin has a build-up of dry keratinized skin cells over the winter months. One of the best ways to minimize fine lines and dehydration is with regular exfoliation. I like to use a daily 5% glycolic micro-exfoliant to refine the pores and a weekly scrub for dry patches. 

 And why do we need to wear sunscreen every day, not just during summer or when the sun is obviously out?

Allan: Just because it is overcast outside does not mean the sun has disappeared. If you are going to be outside in direct sunlight, no matter the conditions, it is always best to use an SPF of 50+. Now is the time to also start using a separate SPF from your makeup or a facial tint, as you really need to think about reapplying your SPF more often in spring and summer months.

 For people who are trying to streamline their regimen: what key products from your line would you recommend, and why? 

 Allan: Streamlining our skincare routine is easy in the warm months as we can get back to one moisturizer, and don’t need all of the extra heavy layering creams and serums. I always recommend a vitamin C water-based product and regular exfoliation. See the steps below.

 Mary Allan’s Simple Spring Daily Skincare Regimen


1. Cleanse with your cleanser of choice. 

2. Follow with moisturizer. I like my Vitamin C Replenishing Cream, which is water-based cream for added hydration.

3. Apply SPF as the final step.


1. Cleanse with my Purifying Cleansing Oil to remove SPF and any makeup.

2. Micro-exfoliate with my Aqua Peel Micro-Exfoliant. This works to refine pores and remove build-up of keratinized skin cells.

3. Moisturize with my Vitamin C Replenishing Cream (same as AM).

* Every week: use a scrub of your choice. I like to use the Daily Dirt to unclog pores and remove dry patches. This is also very helpful for men who are prone to ingrown hairs.