Fall Skin Care Tips

As the season transitions, it's not uncommon to see some changes in your skin, such as dryness, inflammation, and excessive oiliness. Here at Takamichi Beauty Room, we asked our skin guru, Mary Allan, a few tips to help us transitioning beautifully.

Mary Allan:
”As we transition into fall and the summer air becomes drier, it’s time to protect and repair our lipid barrier. While we typically have more oils in our skin during summer months, the sun can take a toll on our skin, so fall is the perfect time to add in extra exfoliation to remove residue and dry skin build-up and increase water hydration and moisture.

Three Tips To Help Transition Into Fall:

1. Switch out your gel-based cleansers for a milky cleanser such as Mineral Rich Cleansing Milk
2. Switch your exfoliating scrub to a gentler liquid exfoliant such as Aqua Peel
3. Switch from an oil-free lotion to water and oil-based moisturizer such as Nude Luminosity.”

All Mary Allan products are in glass bottles, with a peel-off label so that the bottles can be accepted at all recycling facilities. Go green beauty!