We strive for sustainability in all areas of our company and this includes our ingredients. We have spent the past 10 years building supplier relationships with farmers and green labs who invest in solar energy, water-saving harvesting techniques, organic, wild-crafted, biodynamic and pesticide-free growth. When selecting our raw materials these elements of sustainable production are very important to us as we we believe in partnerships that result in a positive environmental impact.

In addition to our ingredient selection we look for ways that we can minimize our environmental footprint. There are currently millions of un-opened and partially used skin care products in our landfills due to massive over-production of products that went past their expiration date and that will never decompose creating a huge burden on our ecosystem. We have taken several steps to be part of the solution as detailed below.

We have taken several steps to lessen our environmental footprint.

1. Made To Order - Our products are made in small batches instead of mass production. This ensures that what we produce will be used within it's shelf life and will not end up in landfills. Each week we produce only the products that have been ordered.

2. Sustainable Packaging - Our sustainable glass packaging is designed with our intention to be mindful of the environment and with this we decided on a label that can be peeled off so that the bottles and jars can be repurposed and not just thrown away for recycling which is great but is also a heavily burdened aspect of over consumption. Our glass bottles can become beautiful bud vases and small keepsake jars.

3. Sustainable Supplier Relationships - We align ourselves with raw material suppliers and green chemistry labs who share the same beliefs and values that  "less is more" and "quality is more important then quantity"

4. Minimal Usage Of Plastic - Several forms of plastic and silicone ingredients are known environmental toxins. These ingredients are often used as film-forming ingredients and slip-enhancers - which we feel actually dulls the complexion over time. We have worked very hard to replace plastic ingredients and instead we use alternatives to silicone and plastic so that your skin and the environment can breath. 

In addition to eliminating plastic and silicone based ingredients that pollute the environment you can also request in your check-out notes to ship without the application spatulas for all moisturizers and masks.

*We are currently sourcing non-plastic pumps and lids for our glass bottles which are currently not available do to the the nature of our natural ingredients. However we are constantly testing alternatives to plastics and feel hopeful that as the plastic ban becomes more prevalent that this technology will be made available.