Thermal Rose Distillate

Our proprietary Bulgarian Rosa Damascene Petal (Thermal) Distillate is a special grade of rose petal distillate and oil that preserves the molecules and structure of the rose petals (25% Rose Oil to Water) ratio and the highest level of (damascenone) the component in the rose molecules that creates the sensory profile. We use a low heat thermal distillation process that expresses the rose petals in order to keep the complete molecule in tact.


1. Rose Harvest  

Rosa Damacena is a very prolific plant and harvesting of the rose is done solely by hand during it's peak growing season. The roses are picked early in the morning when the amount of oil is at it's peak in the petals. 

2. Distillation 

Each day after the roses have been picked the distillation process starts. We only use the first distillation run for maximum potency and our distillation process is a low heat thermal steam as to ensure all of the active molecules stay in tact. 

3. Infusion 

Each with it’s own unique characteristics, our hydro-distillate is suitable for all skin types and offers soothing and hydrating properties.