Lipid Barrier Glow Complex™: An Infusion Of: Pressed Orchid Flower Milk, Jojoba Micro-droplets and Orchid Flower Stem Cells - A plant-based polysaccharide complex that infuses moisture and water hydration.

Pressed Orchid Flower Milk - Made by pressing the white orchid flowers (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) to extract the liquid. The milk contains a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins that helps enhance water retention. 

Orchid Stem Cells: Orchid Plant stem cells obtained from a Japanese orchid flower (Calanthe Discolor). In vitro studies with tissue cells have been shown to induce several growth factors.

Jojoba Micro Droplets: Microdroplets of jojoba oil and phospholipids are suspended in the aqua-phase to deliver skin-plumping moisture that imparts a soft glow that mimics the skin's youthful lipid barrier.

Sodium Hyaluronate: A natural polysaccharide (sugar), holds 500 times its own weight of water. One of the most powerful humectants available for the skin.

Grape Seed Extract: Contains antioxidant properties (radical scavenger) and toning and restorative effects for the skin.

Algae: Rich in phlorotannins that can absorb certain UV light. Also aids in skin hydration.

Beta Glucan: A natural high-molecular weight polysaccharide naturally occurring in the cell walls of vegetables. Due to its high molecular weight, it offers effective water-binding capacity. 

Edelweiss Extract: From the Swiss alpine flower Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum). Contains very high levels of radical scavenging activity.

Gluconolactone: PHAs (Gluconolactone) offers micro-exfoliation.