A Journey That Began Over Two Decades Ago.

Mary is the formulator and founder of Mary Allan Skincare, a collection of premium skin care products founded in California. An expert on skin health Mary served as Vice President of Global Education for the International Dermal Institute, considered the gold star of post-graduate education for skincare professionals with 32 institutes worldwide. Prior to that Mary was Vice President of Jurlique Retail Group USA. After two decades in the corporate skin care world Mary left to create her own formulations and quickly gained a reputation among decreeing Women who share the same approach and philosophy towards clean beauty products as Mary. For eight years Mary created her custom formulations privately for a loyal clientele and other niche skin care brands before launching her bespoke collection in 2018.

A Life Long Passion

A life long passion spanning two decades, Mary has always been an advocate for natural and clean beauty ingredients. While attending collage on Vancouver Island Mary had a part-time job at a pharmacy and had several customers who were looking for natural solutions for their common alignments. With a health food store across the street Mary found herself referring more customers there for natural medicine then at the pharmacy where she worked. Inspired by the natural clean lifestyle of Vancouver Island Mary embarked on five years of formal training in botanical skin care formulation, holistic aromatherapy and advanced full body esthetics.

Having access to the purest most advanced ingredients Mary considers the skin in its entirety, with the objective to preserve and enhance the skin’s youthfulness. Mary remains close to the world of botanicals traveling to the regions where she hand selects the precious botanicals specific to each product and first fell in love with the Rose De Mai flower while studying aromatherapy in Grasse France, it can be found in her Rose 24 Collection.

"Mary's namesake skincare collection marries the very best of science and nature. Her core belief – which I completely stand by as well – is this: “I don’t feel the end user should have to pick one over the other.” - Katie Chang

“When creating my formulations it’s always about skin vitality and not a false promise that skin care can magically erase wrinkles. My collection is driven by the precision of ingredients that truly make a difference on the skin, leaving out masking-agents, plastics, mineral oils and toxins because these ingredients do not create skin vitality. Instead you will find breakthrough anti-aging actives, dermal-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help reduce inflammation while balancing your skin's natural microbiome to nurture healthy, radiant skin." - Mary

my Desire

“I have spent over two decades traveling the world in search of the very best ingredients to help restore skin radiance and vitality. My greatest desire is to help you restore and maintain your most radiant complexion with next-generation proven anti-aging actives and ancient beauty rituals from the world’s longevity regions.

It is my wish for all of us to feel truly beautiful as we are and that each day can be filled with a sense of wellbeing"